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October 16th, 2022

A must do in Antigua and Barbuda. The vibe is just the beginning! See how we enjoy the south coast, sunsets and cocktails.

Catherine’s Cafe remains one of our must do in Antigua, especially on a Saturday to vibe with a local band, enjoy delectable bites and cocktails and relax in the barefoot chic ambience. This Saturday, The Strays Antigua set the vibe with a musical repertoire of all genres, ending with our fave of all times Bob Marley while the sun set making for an idyllic backdrop.

Catherine's Cafe is located on the south coast, at the heart of the sailing paradise and on the serene shoreline of Pigeon Point Beach, English Harbour. Being one of the 365 beaches in Antigua, Pigeon Point is at the pulse of the action, known as a hub for socializing and offering a panoramic view of the scenic area.

English Harbour comes alive during the yachting seasons welcoming sails from all around the world for its leading nautical events such as Antigua Sailing Week, Antigua Charter Yacht Show and RORC Caribbean 600. Known as Antigua's National Park, English Harbour is home to the historic Nelson's Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is steep in culture and heritage with a distinct natural beauty on and off the beaten track.

Nestled all within a short walk are Windward Bay Estates and South Point offering prime real estate investment opportunities. Antigua and Barbuda offers a luxurious island lifestyle as the twin islands remain authentically vibrant.

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