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And you can't do anything about it. “Young, potion apples, with testosterone,” summed up our chef of the restaurant, Mademoiselle Masha, and according to her passport, the Frenchwoman Mary de Sue. Disgustingly sucked in the stomach - it was necessary to eat at least one sandwich

- Sixteen. Map? - my palm hovered over the first box of the gypsy, waiting her decisions.

“It doesn’t matter,” Rosa said again, ignoring the cards, and after a short

Pause added: - He will call or not. He is not in your life. He is not native.

Her left hand twitched slightly, indicating to me that she was refusing to take the cards. The pipe chugged again.

“Or maybe my own,” I dared to object in an offended voice. - What are you, this is according to the car- do you see there?


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